Getting to Stockholm from Arlanda Airport

Arlanda Airport is located 40 kilometers north of Stockholm City and connected to downtown by a high-speed train and airport coach as well as public transportation alternatives
Airport coach
The buses from Arlanda take about 35-45 min and buses depart every 10-20 minutes from Arlanda Airport to the City Terminal (located next to Stockholm Central Station). Tickets cost 99 SEK if you buy online and 119 SEK when buying on the bus. Website:
The Arlanda Express train
The train from Arlanda takes about 20 min and departs every 15 minutes (most hours of the day). Ticket prices vary: 140 SEK for students, 150 SEK for youth up to 25 years and 280 SEK for adult 26 years and over. If you hold an International Student Identification Card (ISIC), ask for a student discount on the Arlanda Express train. Website:
A taxi from Arlanda to the central station takes about 30 min. The prices are often fixed to any destination in Stockholm City and average at 520 SEK. This is an affordable option if you are a group of students traveling together. We strongly recommend that you ask for the estimated price or the fixed price before you start a taxi journey. We recommend use of the major companies Taxi Stockholm and Taxi Kurir.
Local transportation via commuter train
Local transportation takes about 38 minutes. The commuter trains depart from SkyCity located between terminal 4 and 5 regularly and the price is 151 SEK (regular SL ticket + extra airport fee). Website:

Getting around Stockholm

The easiest and cheapest way to get around in Stockholm is with public transportation. The public transport system encompasses buses, tramways and metro, as well as commuter trains and some ferries. The transport provider SL has recently changed to a completely electronic ticket system. You can not pay in cash when getting on board on a bus, tramway, metro or train. You can buy a card at the airport, any SL Center, Pressbyrån or at the manual ticket booths when entering the subway. Have the card pre-set to journeys within one zone (all of central Stockholm is the same zone). You can also use the app “SL-Reseplanerare och biljetter” to pay for your ticket with your credit card.
If you are planning to usepublictransportation we encourage you to download the app "Res i Sthlm", which will help you to plan your traveling. It can be set to English mode if desired.


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