Thirty-third Annual Conference on Learning Theory

The 33rd Annual Conference on Learning Theory (COLT 2020) takes place in Graz, Austria from July 9–12. It is conveniently close in space and time to ICML 2020, which takes place in Vienna immediately after COLT.

The keynote speakers for COLT 2020 are David Blei (Columbia University), Salil Vadhan (Harvard University) and Rebecca Willett (University of Chicago).

Conference organization

Program chairs
  • Jacob Abernethy (Georgia Tech)
  • Shivani Agarwal (University of Pennsylvania)
Local arrangements chair
  • Peter Auer (University of Leoben)
  • Robert Legenstein (Graz University of Technology)
Publications chair
  • Suriya Gunasekar (Microsoft Research)
Open problems chair
  • Vitaly Feldman (Google Research)
Sponsorships chairs
  • Satyen Kale (Google Research)
  • Varun Kanade (Oxford University)
WiML-T chair
  • TBD
  • Daniel Hsu (Columbia University)


We are so grateful to our sponsors whose extraordinary generosity has been critical to the continued success of the conference, particularly by making it possible for students to attend and present their research. For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact the sponsorship chairs at [email protected]